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MARION, Va. Connie Sue Moore, age 58, passed away on Wednesday January 23, 2019, at the Wythe County Community Hospital in Wytheville, Va. Arr…

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So, on Sept. 23, Ava traveled to Cherry Grove, carrying the bottle with a letter, photo, sand and seashell inside. Two days later, Ava’s brother-in-law went deep sea fishing and launched the bottle in the ocean. Three days later, on Sept. 28, Nancy Williamson was walking along Holden Beach, North Carolina, like she does nearly every day. As part of her routine, she collects trash along the shore, about 30 miles north of Cherry Grove. When she bent down to collect a blue cigarette lighter, a blob of wax caught her eye among the seaweed and sand.


WYTHEVILLE, Va. — Tony Wright has traveled everywhere from Switzerland to Argentina, from Prague to Port-Au-Prince and even lived in South Korea and Japan. But the West Virginia native is happy to call Wythe County home.