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Maybe Joe Biden had to flip on the question of taxpayer funding for abortion in order to win the Democratic presidential nomination. All of his rivals supported that funding, and the party has become more and more aggressive on abortion. Where the 1990s Democratic platforms said abortion should be “safe, legal and rare,” the 2016 platform dropped that defensive note and included an explicit call to end the longstanding ban on using federal Medicaid funds for elective abortions. But there will be a cost to Biden’s choice.

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BRISTOL, Tenn. — After years of dealing with an older, costly and failing lighting system the Paramount Performing Arts Center has updated its lights. The Paramount has experienced tremendous growth in over the last several years in terms of events offered, attendance and ticket sales, but has not received a major renovation in roughly 30 years and the Paramount Foundation is pursuing ways to update the building.

As I sit here reflecting on all of the aid going out to various other countries, I often wonder: What happened to taking care of your own first? We have a group of people who need help that are often unnoticed or forgotten. I am speaking of the disabled and homebound of our area. 


As trite as the saying might seem, the reality is that we have more than 120 citizens of Washington County, Virginia, who need our help. These folks depend upon the deliveries of nutritious, fully prepared in our kitchen and ready-to-eat meals because their situation (disabled and 80% homebound) sets them apart. 

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam announced Wednesday more than $6.7 million in Growth and Opportunity for Virginia grants for seven projects across the state, including three “smart farming” projects in Lee, Scott and Wise counties.

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BRISTOL, Va. — In the Bible, bread symbolizes a range of things including the body of Christ during The Last Supper. In a more generalized though no less powerful fashion, bread represents miracles. Early Wednesday morning, intensely inviting fragrances of fresh bread and pastries permeated the innards of Blackbird Bakery. Upstairs, Bishop Jeremiah Kibobi’s eyes widened upon mention of bread. “That’s heaven!” said Kibobi, a native of and pastor in Kenya. Kibobi pastors Visions of Glory Church in Nairobi, Kenya. In the midst of a 10-week visit to America, he referred to the 414 orphans in his charge who attend Magnet School in Kenya. He’s intent upon raising funds to supply them with basic necessities of life.