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The average farm pond can quickly become infested with unwanted vegetation or weeds. A weedy pond can be reclaimed with timely management considerations. Fall and spring are the best times to apply herbicides to control unwanted weed and algae populations. Herbicides should be applied after the water temperature reaches 60 degrees F.


One of the more frequent questions lately has been, “What can I do about the moss that is taking over my lawn? There are several reasons for moss in turf. The moss is the symptom not the problem. Moss takes advantage of the situation where there is no longer any grass in shaded or moist soils. Moss favors damp areas where air circulation is limited. Problem areas may also be compacted, poorly drained, infertile or have an incorrect pH.

Traditions of tree topping seem to persist even today. After many years of sharing the negative impact of tree topping, I still find that tree topping is often considered by homeowners. I really think this is just one of those traditions that has continued in spite of all the reasons to not “top” trees. Topping is actually the worst thing you can do for a tree that you want to keep in your landscape.

We will be holding our annual “Celebrating Trees: Right Tree, Right Place” program on Thursday, March 21, at the Ron Ramsey Agricultural Center near the Tri-Cities Airport. BTES of Bristol, Tennessee, will be sponsoring a catered lunch for the workshop. Evergreen of Johnson City, Hedgewood Tree Care and the East Tennessee Nursery Association will also be providing sponsorship for this event.

Crabgrass can be easily controlled before it establishes in the lawn. This can be accomplished by applying a pre-emergent herbicide in the late winter when the soil warms up.

The interest in the hemp industry has increased exponentially over the last year. The number of growers, processors, marketers and retailers continues to expand. The UT-TSU Extension will have a meeting on hemp production, marketing, regulatory issues, and how to complete the application. The meeting will be at the Ron Ramsey Regional Ag Center on Monday, Feb. 11. Please call 574-1919 by Thursday, Feb. 7 to RSVP.

Searching for that “just right” Christmas tree can be a great family trip. Whether you go just down the road or on a real “road trip,” take th…

Each year we get several calls during the summer about controlling buckhorn plantain. Later in the summer, plantain bolts and sends up a stalk and then develops a seed head. At this stage, the weed is very noticeable in our fields.

Trees and shrubs add value to your landscape when they are properly selected, planted, and maintained. Consider planting a tree or shrub this year in your landscape.