In the wake of another shooting by an angry person with psychological issues, we must ask the obvious question: “Why are there so many of these types of people in our nation?” I believe the answer can be found by looking at the two competing worldviews that are at war with each other in our country. One is the Judeo-Christian view of reality and the other is the secular-humanist view. Our nation was founded on the first worldview but has seen the second viewpoint gain ground in the last few decades. Just as a ship needs an anchor during a storm and an aircraft needs reliable instruments while flying blind in the clouds, humans need a belief system to give them a solid reference point with regard to reality. If people think that they are merely a “cosmic accident,” are uncertain if they are a male or a female, do not respect the sanctity of life at either end of the spectrum — the unborn or aged — and believe that moral absolutes don’t exist, there is a great chance for confusion/frustration/anger to arise. The secular worldview is like Dr. Frankenstein creating his monster and turning it loose upon the village. What’s even worse than unleashing the Evil is then making laws to take away the torches and pitchforks the villagers need in order to defend themselves! The violence in our nation is a complex issue. All actions are preceded by thoughts. Is one way of thinking better than another? I believe that a biblical worldview more accurately reflects reality than a secular/materialistic one does. Hence one has less internal angst. You can rage against reality all you want [i.e., deny gravity], but stepping off a tall building will prove or disprove your theory.

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