Tennessee is a right-to-work state, meaning an employee can be terminated without just cause at any time except for reasons that are against the law. In the right setting this is beneficial; however some employers have “hidden” behind this law, using it to their advantage.

Have you ever terminated an employee who was in good standing with no warning or reason for termination? Your actions to not disclose a reason AND to offer severance in exchange for a signed release are immediate red flags as it suggests you have something to hide and want to reduce the risk of a possible claim. The truth is, you DID have a reason, so why wouldn’t you want to disclose if it was a legitimate and documentable reason? If you valued the employee why they were not given opportunity to be heard (another red flag)? You failed to treat them with the dignity, respect and honesty they deserved, which leaves them with unanswered questions about what has happened. Anyone terminated from a job, who is under the impression from leadership that they’re doing a good job, deserves to know why they’re suddenly being terminated. But kudos, by not giving a reason it’s less likely it would be proven that your reason for termination had no merit. Your actions displayed your lack of moral character and integrity. And for anyone in the position who stands by and lets this happen knowing it’s not right, shame on you. You lack the same moral character and integrity and I hope in the future you realize that the terminated employee was one of your best assets, not just because of their work ethic, knowledge, and dedication but by making YOU look competent.

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