Despite misinformation, obfuscation and denial, it is obvious that we are at the beginning of an era of global warming, climate change and environmental destruction. The vast Midwestern flooding, the extraordinary Arctic ice melting and the widespread hurricanes are just a few of the sure signs of the deteriorating condition.

Scientific studies show that the planet is rapidly warming, and 90% of the excess heat is being absorbed by the seas. Soon this will cause the floating Arctic sea ice to melt. During the summer solstice, the Arctic receives 37% more solar radiation than does the equator. Formerly most of that radiation was either reflected back into space or dissipated by melting ice. Without an ice-covered Arctic sea, this vast influx of insulation will drastically heat up the ocean and surrounding air, causing wildly abnormal and destructive climate changes.

Even more grotesque is the prediction that due to human activity a million species could go extinct. This is in effect a crime or sin against nature! And eventually much agriculture could also fail, leading to our own demise. To prevent what is now a crisis from evolving into a catastrophe, we don’t have 12 years to act but must act now. Globally, we must convert electrical generation to wind, solar, et cetera … and restrict carbon-based fuels to 50% to 10% of currant usage. To preserve a habitable planet, we must end the madcap (as in, insanely mad) race to exploit carbon fuels. We have the technology to live comfortably and happily without the grossly excessive carbon usage. America, which is clinging to a “perpetual growth fantasy,” is a huge offender and should be a leader of, rather than a resister to, the changing of the world.

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