Billy Bob is a longtime acquaintance, a sometimes friend and a leftwing loony bird. He caught up with me in the pork-and-bean aisle at Walmart.

“I guess you heard what that idiot Trump is doing now,” he yelled. “He’s hiring Nazis to go around the country shooting people. I just heard it on the TV.”

“And that ain’t the half of it,” he ranted. “Trump’s got two million illegals locked in cages in the Arizona desert. And some of them ain’t had a bite to eat since they crossed the border last February.”

Billy Bob gets his information from CNN, so it’s hard to know who’s lying. It might be both. Billy Bob starts lying when the sun comes up, but so does CNN and MSNBC. There’s more truth in the Betty Crocker cookbook than on the liberal news channels. Donald Trump is doing a fantastic job as president. The economy is the best ever, the stock market is at an all-time high, unemployment is the lowest in 50 years, and Trump is hammering out fair trade deals. Pretty impressive, right?

Do the media give Trump credit? Never in a million years! They’re too busy yelling, “Trump says there’s a rat in Baltimore. Trump’s a racist. Impeach Trump!”

And Trump is not the first president to be attacked by a biased media. The media hated Abraham Lincoln! They called Lincoln an idiot, a barbarian, a gorilla, a racist and worse. Some threatened to leave the country if Lincoln was reelected.

Today, if an illegal immigrant shows up with toenail fungus, the media will swear Trump is a racist. If Trump brushes with Crest toothpaste, they swear he’s a white nationalist.

I have $50 that says there are rats in Baltimore.

God bless America.

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