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Which local nonprofit executives make the most?

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BHC 03052017 NonProfit Salaries

Excluding the administrators of local colleges and universities, the highest-paid nonprofit executive in the Tri-Cities region is Dr. David L. Stevens.

Stevens, CEO of the Christian Medical & Dental Associations, made $197,587 in the CMDA’s 2014-15 fiscal year. That figure combines his salary and other compensation, such as benefits.

Booth Kammann, former CEO of the Girl Scouts of Southern Appalachians, claims the No. 2 spot. Kamman made $167,939 during the organization’s 2015-16 fiscal year.

Search Nonprofit Salaries in Area

Nonprofit Executive Title Salary Other_compensation Total
King University Dr. Gregory D. Jordan former president 597998 27775 625773
Emory and Henry College Jake B. Schrum president 295207 77104 372311
Emory and Henry College Joseph Taylor vp for advancement 167520 81066 248586
Christian Medical and Dental Associations Dr. David L. Stevens CEO 155271 42316 197587
King University James P. Donahue VP for business operations, CFO 141046 32920 173966
Girl Scouts of Southern Appalachians Booth Kamman past CEO (term 11-19-2015) 158729 9210 167939
Emory and Henry College David Haney vp for academic affairs 133733 34101 167834
Emory and Henry College Dirk Wilmoth vp for operations 109701 48871 158572
Christian Medical and Dental Associations Dr. Gene Rudd senior vice president 122095 27868 149963
King University Dr. Richard A. Ray interim president 132023 17500 149523
Boy Scouts of America - Sequoyah Council W. David Page Scout executive 123513 21003 144516
Emory and Henry College David Voskuil vp of enrollment 100164 34363 134527
Christian Medical and Dental Associations Jeffrey Scott Ries VP for campus and community ministries 107421 23950 131371
Kingsway Charities Mary Ann Blessing president 125774 0 125774
King University Amber Roache associate professor of nursing 104353 15315 119668
King University Randall C. Blevins dean of school of business 114025 4509 118534
Girl Scouts of Southern Appalachians Suzette Lacy CFO 114737 3146 117883
King University Matt Roberts VP for academic affairs 85522 25496 111018
King University John W. King VP for enrollment management/CDO 85297 25496 110793
King University Robert A. Littleton VP for student affairs 81499 26078 107577
Christian Medical and Dental Associations Michael Oldham CFO 77573 20835 98408
United Way of SW Virginia Travis Staton CEO 96706 0 96706
Second Harvest Food Bank of NE Tennessee Rhonda Chafin executive director 87030 8827 95857
YWCA Bristol Unspecified unspecified 89548 4612 94160
Kingsway Charities Albert Hester director of operations 93991 0 93991
Goodwill of Tenneva Robert Miller CEO 75876 16715 92591
YMCA of Bristol John C. Ayers CEO 90223 0 90223
Bristol Chamber of Commerce Paula Hurt interim president/VP of finance 80634 4084 84718
United Way of TN-VA Lisa Cofer executive director 83232 0 83232
Christian Medical and Dental Associations Connie Fox Controller 61028 19847 80875
Birthplace of Country Music Museum Leah Ross executive director 73048 2290 75338
Healing Hands Health Center Helen Scott executive director 69106 0 69106
Crossroads Medical Mission Cindy Rockett executive director 62844 0 62844
Bristol Humane Society Dr. Jennifer McCall Ketron executive director 61499 0 61499
Goodwill of Tenneva Anita Williams director of human resources 49190 11134 60324
Bristol Chamber of Commerce Beth Rhinehart president and CEO 55732 2594 58326
Bristol Chamber of Commerce Joy Madison president and CEO 53630 2625 56255
Crossroads Medical Mission Katie Johnson secretary 53472 0 53472
Girls Inc. of Bristol Amy Barker Phillips president and CEO 50360 0 50360
Goodwill of Tenneva Audrea Nelson director of finance 48883 1413 50296
YMCA of Bristol John T. Mack COO 45007 0 45007
King University Leann Hughes VP for marketing and development 39137 5600 44737
Goodwill of Tenneva Erin Starnes director of workforce development 40402 1292 41694
YMCA of Bristol Aileen K. Frazier CFO 40651 0 40651
Casa for Kids Mary Kilpatrick executive director 39846 0 39846
Family Promise of Greater Johnson City Bob Hall executive director 39254 0 39254
Bristol Faith in Action Tyler Franklin executive director 33800 0 33800
Bristol Humane Society Susan Taylor development director 29482 0 29482
Bristol Faith in Action Toni Nohre program director 28600 0 28600
Goodwill of Tenneva Phyllis Miller director of contract services (retired May 2015) 25496 484 25980
Crossroads Medical Mission Paul Derden president 19633 0 19633
Haven of Rest Rescue Mission C. Dwayne Baird executive director 19520 0 19520
Bristol Life Saving Crew Penni Glass director 18414 0 18414
Crossroads Medical Mission Tim Schwob vice president 15783 0 15783
Bristol Life Saving Crew Mark Blankenship captain 10400 0 10400
Bristol Emergency Food Pantry Ernie Chapman stocking coordinator 3000 0 3000
Bristol Emergency Food Pantry William Oliver stocking coordinator 3000 0 3000
Bristol Emergency Food Pantry James White staff coordinator 600 0 600

Stevens and Kammann are among seven area nonprofit executives who recently brought in $100,000 or more in combined compensation. If administrators of higher education institutions are included, that number jumps to 20 executives.

As 501(c)(3) organizations — those deemed not-for-profit by the IRS — these groups enjoy valuable tax exemptions. The Bristol Herald Courier used federal tax records of nonprofit organizations, which are available online, to determine which have the highest-paid executives.

David Warren, a certified public accountant in Bristol, Tennessee, who has provided service to a number of local nonprofits, said the reason the public has access to nonprofits’ tax filings is to allow citizens to see the efficiency of an organization and to track where their donations go.

Essentially, these documents let the public know “if it’s worthwhile to donate to that nonprofit,” Warren said.

The Top 7

Of the seven local executives who made $100,000 or more and are not at the helm of a college or university, three of them, including Stevens, work for the Christian Medical & Dental Associations, which has 18,000 members and is headquartered in Bristol, Tennessee. The CMDA’s revenue during 2014-15 was about $11.5 million.

Of the remaining five executives, two, including Kammann, work for the Girls Scouts of Southern Appalachians, which serves more than 9,000 girls in 46 counties across Southwest Virginia, East Tennessee and northern Georgia; one works for the Boy Scouts of America’s Sequoyah Council, which is based in Johnson City, Tennessee, and serves 15 counties in Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia; and one works for Kingsway Charities, a Bristol, Virginia-based group that has provided medications and supplies to more than 11,000 mission teams serving in 145 countries since 1994.

Here’s how the salaries of those seven executives rank:

1. Dr. David L. Stevens, CEO, CMDA: $197,587;

2. Booth Kammann, past CEO, Girl Scouts of Southern Appalachians: $167,939;

3. Dr. Gene Rudd, senior vice president, CMDA: $149,963;

4. W. David Page, scout executive, Boy Scouts of America Sequoyah Council: $144,516;

5. Jeffrey Scott Ries, vice president for campus and community ministries, CMDA: $131,371;

6. Mary Ann Blessing, president, Kingsway Charities: $125,774;

7. Suzette Lacy, CFO, Girl Scouts: $117,883.

Compared to the average Bristol resident, nonprofit work is lucrative. On the Virginia side, the median household income is $35,368, according to the latest numbers from the U.S. Census Bureau. That figure is about $3,000 less than the Bristol, Tennessee, median income.

But the salaries generally fall into the national average range and are tied to revenue and industry standards. According to a 2014 report from The Nonprofit Times, a business publication, those in nonprofit work with the title of “CEO, president or executive director” made an average of $188,678.

Recent top-earning nonprofit executives
Area nonprofits with most revenue

And the organizations with the highest-earning leadership also generally have high revenue. The Girl Scouts garnered $4.5 million in 2015-16; the Boy Scouts, $2.5 million.

Not all nonprofits listed salaries on their tax forms. The form itself asks for salaries higher than $100,000, but some organizations list lower salaries anyway.

The nonprofits that either don’t pay employees or didn’t list salaries are: Appalachian Sustainable Development, Barter Foundation, Believe in Bristol, Family Promise of Bristol, Paramount Foundation, SBK Animal Control and Theatre Bristol.

Find Nonprofit Revenue in Area

Nonprofit Revenue Year
Kingsway Charities 191458263 2015
Emory and Henry College 50516187 July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015
King University 50088195 June 1, 2014 to May 31, 2015
Second Harvest Food Bank of NE Tennessee 16161234 July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015
Christian Medical and Dental Associations 11579296 July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015
Barter Foundation, Inc. 6318872 2015
Goodwill of Tenneva 4954374 2015
Girl Scouts of Southern Appalachians 4572951 Oct. 1, 2015 to Sept. 30, 2016
Birthplace of Country Music, Inc. 3811706 July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015
Boy Scouts of America - Sequoyah Council 2548638 2015
United Way of SW Virginia 2524409 2015
Healing Hands Health Center 2106651 2014
YMCA of Bristol 2068785 2014
YWCA Bristol 2004444 2015
Appalachian Sustainable Development 1209508 2014
United Way of TN-VA 1099282 2015
Bristol Chamber of Commerce 1054019 2015
Haven of Rest Rescue Mission 1042024 2014
Bristol Life Saving Crew 854212 2014
SBK Animal Control Center 822770 July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015
Bristol Humane Society 714768 2014
Bristol Emergency Food Pantry 494982 2015
Paramount Foundation 478586 July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015
Family Promise of Greater Johnson City 471090 2015
Casa for Kids 406542 July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015
Crossroads Medical Mission 396461 2015
Girls Inc. of Bristol 384265 2015
Bristol Faith in Action 311269 2015
Believe in Bristol 167951 July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016
Family Promise of Bristol 140720 2015
Theatre Bristol 71172 July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015


As stated earlier, the top salaries listed previously do not include colleges and universities.

Three education executives brought in more than Stevens, the CMDA CEO, and all of them made more than $200,000 in combined compensation: Dr. Gregory Jordan, former president of King University, who earned $625,773; Jake Schrum, president of Emory & Henry College, who earned $372,311; and Joseph Taylor, vice president for institutional advancement at E&H, who earned $248,586.

All three of those salaries represent the 2014-15 year.

During the year that Jordan made more than $600,000, he resigned, after months of calls for his dismissal by many students and a vote of no confidence by two-thirds of the faculty.

The salary of the current president, Alexander W. Whitaker IV, will not be clear until King releases its latest tax form. Whitaker’s tenure began Aug. 1, 2016.

GuideStar is an organization that collects, organizes and presents information about a wide range of topics related to the nonprofit sector. It releases annual reports, provides information about organizations and uploads nonprofits’ federal tax forms, like the ones used for this story.

Chuck McLean, senior research fellow at GuideStar, said that when a nonprofit determines its salaries, the IRS has traditionally advised that an organization of similar size and scope in the private sector can be used for comparison.

He said the expertise required at nonprofit hospitals is an example of the need to pay salaries on par with for-profit hospitals.

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