A young couple recently rejoiced to deliver their firstborn son. In no time Oliver asserted his individuality.

He decided to be content only when he was nursing or snuggled into the crook of Mommy’s neck. Nowhere else!

I hope he will adjust at least a tiny bit to a baby shawl she can use. Our daughter has used a Moby wrap with her children. It’s a long shawl that can be wrapped various ways to give the child his own little hammock on Mommy’s tummy.

I really didn’t see her little critters until about four months after birth. Before that, if they weren’t nursing or being changed, they were snuggled deep down in their own personal hammock, smelling Mommy’s comfortable smell, hearing her reassuring heartbeat, cuddled down out of bright lights and even with outside sounds muffled, a little joey in his kangaroo pouch!

At the beginning of our lives, Mommy represents everything that registers as safety, and nothing else comes close to her presence.

I’m reminded of a study on the name El Shaddai.

“El Shaddai” is translated as “God Almighty” in most Bible versions, but not all. I like the rendering in the Message translation. For instance, leading up to the Exodus, we have Ex. 6:3. “ I appeared to Abraham, to Isaac and to Jacob, as The Strong One [El Shaddai]. But by My Name, GOD (I-AM-PRESENT) [YHVH], I was not known to them.”

While the Hebrew word “Shaddai” has a number of interpretations, another valid one comes from the word “shad” in Hebrew, meaning “breast”. This is not implying femininity. The word here is indicating “the One Who provides completely.” As a mother supplies everything an infant needs, God supplies our every need.

Especially at this time of year it’s worth looking at another part of “Shaddai”, too. The part included in the end of the word is “-dai”. Anyone who celebrates Passover should recognize the beginning of a song. “Dayenu” is usually sung at the Passover seder, meaning “it would have been enough.” We sing “If He only brought us out of Egypt, it would have been enough.”

Of course, He did that and so much more. He provided Himself a sacrifice to give us redemption and eternal life!

Do you find yourself fretting about the virus, or finances, or family? God understands. But you can nestle in His love. In Ps. 91:4 He assures us. Most translations use sheltering under a mother bird’s wings. But the Message captures the meaning perfectly. “You who sit down in the High God’s presence, spend the night in Shaddai’s shadow, Say this: ‘GOD, you’re my refuge. I trust in you and I’m safe!’”

No need to fret! He’s got you covered.

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