Details for City of Bristol TN Order of Publication


IN THE CHANCERY COURT FOR SULLIVAN COUNTY AT BRISTOL, TENNESSEE CITY OF BRISTOL, TENNESSEE A Municipal Corporation, in Sullivan County, Tennessee Plaintiff, Civil Action No. _18CB-26356(C)_ vs. (consolidated tax years 2008-2017) DELINQUENT TAXPAYERS OF THE CITY OF BRISTOL, TENNESSEE FOR THE YEAR 2017, as shown on Exhibit A, Defendants. ORDER ALLOWING SERVICE BY PUBLICATION IN LIEU OF PERSONAL SERVICE In this Cause, it appearing from the Motion for Service by Publication and from the return of process issued in the cause that the interest of the individuals and/or their heirs listed in Exhibit "A" attached hereto, are unknown and cannot be ascertained after diligent inquiry. It is therefore, ORDERED, that Defendants are hereby required to appear and answer to otherwise defend the Complaint by filing an appropriate pleading with the Sullivan County Chancery Court at the office of the Clerk and Master located at 801 Anderson St, Rm 239, Bristol, Tennessee, and serve a copy of any such pleading upon Danielle L. Smith, City Attorney for the City of Bristol, 801 Anderson Street, Bristol, TN, 37620 within thirty (30) days from the date of the last publication of this notice. Otherwise default judgment may be entered against the Defendants for the relief sought in the Complaint. It is further ordered that publication of this Notice shall be made for four (4) consecutive weeks, in the Bristol Herald Courier, a newspaper of general circulation within Sullivan County, Tennessee, notifying said Defendants of their obligation to appear and answer or otherwise defend that Complaint described above or the allegations thereof shall be deemed confessed and this cause set for hearing on the 3rd day of January 2020. This 4th day of November, 2019. Chancellor E.G. Moody Approved for entry: Danielle L. Smith, BPR No. 021261 Cari C. Seaton, BPR No. 034439 Office of the City Attorney City of Bristol, Tennessee 801 Anderson Street Bristol, TN 37620 P: (423)989-3407; F: (423)989-5506 EXHIBIT A Owner; Address; Parcel ID Begley, Heirs of Mickey & Celia E; 114 Pemberton Ct; 021O K 021O 031.00 Blaylock, Ruby K;1114 Shelby St; 020D B 020D 030.00 Brookes, Andrew R & Gloria J; 108 Bluff City Hwy; 037D D 037D 010.00 Chambers, Heirs of Raymond C & Barbara E; 924 Hill St; 020E B 020E 010.00 Chambers, Heirs of Raymond C & Barbara; 948 Hill St; 020E B 020E 004.00 Graybeal, Betty S c/o Cross, Betty S; 206 McCray St; 037D B 037D 002.00 Green II, Donald; 528 Lakeview St; 021J J 021J 019.00 Haynes, H.H. Jr; 6th St Ext; 020L E 020L 001.00 Hendricks, Sommer L; 325 Taylor St; 021A E 021A 038.00 Johnson, Annie & Franklin, Margaret H; 112 Lilly St; 021B H 021B 033.00 Judd, Marty G; Hwy 394; 066- 066- 095.30 Leslie, Fred; 2816 Anderson St Ext; 020J B 020J 011.00 Leonard, Heirs of Bruce C & Nelia A; 328 Pennsylvania Ave; 021A C 021A 044.00 Leonard, David F;1806 6th St Ext; 020M F 020M 012.00 M G Associates LTD c/o Virginia Green; 255 N Industrial Dr; 038- 038- 030.00 Mercer, Jettie Louise c/o Jeff Mercer; 224 Elizabeth St; 021B H 021B 017.00 ONeal, Helen Louise; 826 Williams St Ext; 021B E 021B 044.00 Watson, Heirs of William H & Annie; 120 12th St; 020D A 020D 011.00 Whitaker, Heirs of Lula Mae; 204 McCray St; 037D B 037D 003.00 White, Thomas & Katherine; 104 Southern St; 021J H 021J 008.00 Woods, Willie Mae & Patricia A; 116 Spruce St; 021H F 021H 032.00

801 Anderson St, Bristol, TN


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