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BREAKING NEWS: Husband and Wife Dead at Pizza Plus in Tazewell County, Va. - HeraldCourier.com: News

BREAKING NEWS: Husband and Wife Dead at Pizza Plus in Tazewell County, Va.

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Posted: Monday, March 30, 2009 4:55 pm

Tazewell County Sheriff H.S. Caudill made the following statement to News Channel 11’s George Jackson this afternoon:

GJ: Tell me what you know.

SC: “At 8:45 a.m., the day shift worker at Pizza Plus came in to open up the pizza place and she found one of her co-workers {male} outside, behind the building, deceased. She called 9-1-1.

When police secured the scene, the officers found a deceased female inside the building.

The two people deceased are the husband and wife – Valerie and Harvey Looney, 48 and 52 years old. Both work at the Pizza Plus.

The best we can tell, at 11:22 p.m. last night, when Mrs. Looney logged off, the crime happened some time afterwards.

Right now we’re not speculating anything, we’re not ruling anyone out. We’re taking the crime scene a little bit at a time and processing it in the proper way {sic}to find a resolution to this crime.

GJ: Could you describe their wounds?

SC: “I don’t know. Apparently there was some type of force. Officers said there was blood on the bodies. How they were killed, we have not released that so far.”

GJ: Gunshot wounds?

SC: “We don’t know.”

GJ: Were the door locked?

SC: “I haven’t talked to detectives to find out if the doors were locked… I know that the deputy that came to the scene this morning was able to get inside.”

GJ: What manner was Mr. Looney’s body found.

SC: “He was lying on the ground.”

GJ: And Ms. Looney?

SC: “Also lying on the ground, in blood.”

GJ: Who responded? Which departments?

SC: “The Tazewell County Sheriff’s Department, and two special agents from Virginia State Police.”

GJ: Have the bodies been transported?

SC: “One {Mr. Looney}has been taken to the Richlands Medical Center, {Ms. Looney}, as soon as they finish processing inside, will go to Richlands, then the medical examiner’s office in Roanoke for an autopsy.”

GJ: Do you know what time they were pronounced dead?

SC: “No, sure don’t.”

GJ: Has there been a rash of robberies, or crimes recently in you jurisdiction?

SC: “Tazewell County is a close-knit communities and businesses. We just don’t have this type. To have a robbery and a murder, we just seldom ever have this. To have a robbery with a murder, it’s been many years.”

GJ: How much money was stolen?

SC: “We don’t know. We haven’t gotten to the cash register yet.”

Look for a video update on News Channel 11 at 6:00 p.m.


The deceased have been identified as Harvey Looney, 52, and Valerie Looney, 48, both of Bandy, Va., in Tazewell County.




CLAYPOOL HILL, Va. – The bodies discovered early Monday at the Pizza Plus outside Richlands were those of a husband and wife who worked at the restaurant, the Tazewell County Sheriff’s Office said.

Deputies are still on the scene trying to determine what happened overnight.

Sheriff H.S. Caudill said a morning employee called 911 around 8:40 a.m. Monday saying two people were dead at the restaurant. The husband was found outside the building and the wife was near the door.

Other nightshift employees who left before closing Sunday night have been contacted and reported no problems at the restaurant, Caudill said.

A bloodhound brought to the scene was unable to find a scent to track, said the sheriff, noting that two of his deputies had eaten at Pizza Plus around 10 p.m. Sunday and reported nothing out of the ordinary.

The store was supposed to close at 11 p.m. and the two employees remaining were to complete cleanup and then lock up.

A helicopter was used Monday to videotape the scene, and a knife found in the woods above the store was old and not connected to the incident, Caudill said.

The bodies were to be removed later Monday afternoon and sent to Roanoke for an autopsy. Victim names will be released after next of kin are notified, the sheriff said.


CLAYPOOL HILL, Va. – Sheriff’s deputies are investigating the death of two people at a Pizza Plus late Sunday.

Details are sketchy but Tazewell County Sheriff H.S. Caudill said the Monday day-shift workers at the store called 911 and reported finding two people dead. Deputies have responded and roped off the area. Several units including the mobile command post from the sheriff’s office are on the scene. The sheriff said officers would be starting from outside the store, which is located on Route 19-460, and work their way in.

The county’s bloodhound is on its way to the scene. Rescue units from Richlands Fire and Rescue are on the scene to remove the bodies.

We'll bring you more on this story as it develops.

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